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MARATÓN MOLIÈRES       43 K   4.200 d+

The Vielha-Molières 3010 Marathon is a high mountain race where 5 peaks over 2,000 meters are crowned; including the 3010-high Molieres, the roof of the Valle de Aran and the Carrera. Two hills of more than 2,400 meters are passed. It has a vertical kilometer hidden in the first 6 kilometers. Much of the race takes place above 2,000 meters of altitude, and the start and finish is in Vielha, at 974 meters. Peaks like those of Letassi, alpine meadows in Aubas, magnificent forests like Baricauba, lakes like Estanh des Pois, natural spaces like Artiga de Lin, views of the Aneto from Tuc de Molières, waterfalls like Conangles, rivers, tarteras , ... all that awaits you in this race of pure sky run. There are mountain races, this is a mountain race, in the middle of the Axial Pyrenees. You will feel like a roe deer or a bear in its habitat. More than 95% of the race are paths and roads. A circular knife-style tour. With running areas and technical areas that will make runners enjoy.


Departure time: July 11 at 6:30 in the morning from the Plaza de la Iglesia de Vielha.



Cuadro Molieres.png

The race has 6 aid stations (1 liquid, 1 semi-complete and 4 complete) and 2 additional water points.

In the runner's guide that we will publish before the race we will inform you about the content of the refreshment stations. If any runner has any food intolerance, they must inform the organization about it.


CUTTING HOURS: The two established cut-off times, at the Artiga and Conangles Control Points, are rigorous. Runners who arrive at the points after the established hours must abandon the race.


              ARTIGA DE LIN              10:15 hours 3.45 hours from the 14.3 km race start.

              CONANGLES                    5:00 p.m. 10.5 hours from the 26.9 km race start.

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